The AccessCal Story

Access California Services (AccessCal) – formerly known as Care “R” Us – was founded in 1998 by Nahla Kayali who was in need of supportive services and just could not find an entity that understood her as an Arab- and Muslim-American woman.

She became determined to establishing and growing a nonprofit organization that served the underserved community, including refugees to ensure they had support in times of struggle or transition. She envisioned AccessCal with friendly and diverse staff that communicated in different languages and understood the cultures of newcomers.

In 1998, AccessCal launched with one volunteer (Kayali), a folding table, and a telephone Kayali had borrowed. Today, AccessCal is the listening ear and helping hand of over 11,000 community members in southern California annually. With over 30 staff providing over 30,000 units of service at its facility in Anaheim, California, AccessCal has become the go-to resource center for many seeking support with linguistic, economic, community, and civic integration.