AccessCal Presents At The 2021 Youth SDG Summit – February 11, 2021

AccessCal is delighted to host a panel discussion at the 2021 Youth SDG Summit on “Empowering Refugee Youth to Succeed”.

This panel will highlight how each of us can play a critical role in helping refugee youth succeed in their new home country. It will showcase the resilience and determination of refugee youth to succeed as well as how we can unite to empower these youngsters to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

The panelist include:


  • • Sonali Samarasinghe – Former Minister at the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the United Nations


  • • Nahla Kayali – Founder & Executive Director – Access California Services
  • • Sheikh Yassir Fazaga – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist / Mental Health Advisor to Access California Services
  • • Nada Abubakr – Recipient of Refugee Students Scholarship Program
  • • Gloria Baroi – Recipient of Refugee Students Scholarship Program


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