Sunbul Sidiqi Awarded OC Register’s 125 Most Influential Figures in OC.

Sunbul Sidiqi Awarded OC Register’s 125 Most Influential Figures in OC

AccessCal is proud to announce that Sunbul Sidiqi, a Case Manager in our Refugee Cash Assistance Program (RCA), was recognized as one of OC’s 125 Most Influential Figures in OC. We’re proud of the recognition of her work with the incoming Afghan population!

When Sunbul first came to the US she never imagined helping others re-establish the lives they left behind in Afghanistan, especially when her and her family were trying to resettle themselves. In 2015 Sunbul arrived at AccessCal’s office with her family as clients in the Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) and Refugee Health Assessment (RHA) programs. While receiving financial assistance, Sunbul started attending ESL classes and working part-time in our RHA program less than a year later.

During this period working part-time for AccessCal, Sunbul received her driver’s license, first car, and began college. A year after these successes, she began working full time as a case manager in our RCA program. Sunbul even met her husband at AccessCal and gave birth to her daughter a year later. Since joining our team full time, Sunbul has been able to build a deep bond with incoming Afghan clients. Since the rise in Afghan refugees in Orange County, Sunbul has played an integral role in helping these families resettle.

As the influx of Afghan families made their way into our office, Sunbul was able to empathize with their experiences. She knew firsthand what it was like to feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to start over, but because of her knowledge of the culture and language clients trusted her guidance and even began to ask for her by name.

We’re proud to have Sunbul on our team changing lives in our community!


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