AccessCal’s Sincere Farewell to Sheikh Yassir

Dear Sheikh Yassir,

It has been sincerely a great pleasure to work with you in your capacity as Senior Advisor at AccessCal for the past 11 years. On behalf of the board, staff and the clients you served, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on the impact you have made on the life and history of AccessCal and on me personally.

The diligence and dedication demonstrated by your character are the basis for AccessCal’s success today. The AccessCal staff has enjoyed the way you bring energy into the office, always smiling and exercising your comedic talents while focusing on your goals and responsibilities. Throughout your career at AccessCal, there were instances underlined with sentiments that posed challenges in problem solving. You and I have overcome many obstacles together from serious situations to minor ones. Your patience mixed with the determination of a true leader repeatedly demonstrated your sense of reliability and dependability in achieving triumph under all circumstances. Your strong positions on matters will be remembered in my mind because of the mannerisms you expressed so empathetically and genuinely.

Sheikh Yassir, your philosophy of assisting people in need was essential to the profound accomplishments of AccessCal and the community. You have given nothing less than unconditional support, cooperation and tireless work. You never came into work to submit calculated hours; rather, your attitude sought challenges to grasp. While your office job was crucial to the numerous cases you managed, your sacrifices of working weekends and evenings were phenomenal. You touched so many families remarkably and made a huge impression in mentoring fellow staff members, interns, and volunteers. The staff continuously expressed how eager they were to learn more from you. Your achievements hidden behind a humble attitude shaped others in a way unrecognized in other places. Because of your care for your clients, you enabled them to trust themselves in all that they do and to become all that they dream.

Sheikh Yassir, you are truly a unique, perceptive person who the AccessCal team and I will miss tremendously. I am deeply grateful for all the opportunities you have given me and for all the knowledge I have gained while having you on my team. We look forward to your visits soon. I wish you and your family much success in all your future endeavors. Thank you for being my long-term co-worker, my advisor and one of my best friends.

With sincerest appreciation,

Nahla Kayali, Founder and Executive Director



“Working with Sheikh Yassir was a thrilling adventure that helped me seek the true essence of human services. Good communication with equality and compassion were visible in his daily interactions with everyone regardless of ethnic or religious background, socioeconomic condition, mental or physical health factors. Witnessing his deep comprehension of multiple cultures, different age groups, disparate mindsets and distinct intellects will forever amaze me.

Sheikh Yassir’s sense of patience was very effective in forewarning others of harmful actions, and he relayed this in the most appealing and praise-worthy mannerisms. He was quick to pardon individuals for their shortcomings and understood their limitations. He did not like praise, but he encouraged self-care for good mental health.

I am indebted to his contributions for the improvement of the community, individuals, and colleagues, all of whom adored him. I thank you, Sheikh Yassir, for demonstrating selfless acts to help others. May you and your family be blessed with new opportunities that reciprocate your sacrifices. Salams!”

-Nedda Elhaija, Director of Operations



“Sheikh Yassir, the last two years with you have been nothing but joy and laughter. Thank you for all the trust you put in me and for being the greatest mentor and friend. You taught me many things in life, but most importantly you taught me how to give unconditionally. You’re irreplaceable.”

– Muna Brejeyeh, Mental Health Department Case Manager 


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