Orange County Fair Board’s Community Affairs

We’re deeply grateful to the Orange County Fair Board’s Community Affairs committee for the honor of presenting a resolution commemorating April as Arab American History Month. This recognition celebrates the rich cultural contributions of the Arab American community to Orange County. We’re proud to be part of a diverse and vibrant community, and we thank the committee for highlighting this important heritage. Thank you for inviting our executive director, Nahla Kayali, to accept this recognition.

5th Annual Peace of Mind Conference

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 5th Annual Peace of Mind Conference this past weekend!
Thank you to our incredible speakers – Dr. Marwa Azab, Dr. Almaas Shaikh, Tabari Zahir, Sheikh Yassir Fazaga, Dr. Sadiya Dhanani, and Dr. Metra Azar Salem who led powerful sessions on the topics of social anxiety, multigenerational impact of aging, addiction, approaching sensitive topics with our children, what happens when we neglect our mental health, and the childhood effect on our adult relationships. Thank you to Helen Marie Diaz who shared her inspiring story and poetry performances, and to Regis Saalfeld who got the audience energized and moving throughout the day.
Thank you to Orange County Health Care Agency, our sponsors, Master of Ceremonies – Noor Abdelaaty, staff, volunteers, Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Art Center, community based organizations that shared resources, and all those who attended.

Citizenship Test Evening Classes in Person Here

Now you can take the Citizenship Prep classes in the evenings, here at AccessCal.

Just show up here in person at 5:30. 

Classes are 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm Mondays and Wednesdays.

Malek will sign you up.
We are here to help YOU succeed!

Want to Start Your Own Small Business?

Want to Start Your Own Small Business?

NorthSTAR Orange County An Entrepreneurship Collaborative.
Join our entrepreneurship micro-presentations.

Access – Eliminate Barriers

We eliminate barriers by providing equal access to resources, networks, and opportunities. We ensure that aspiring entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, genders, and socioeconomic statuses have a level playing field to launch and scale their businesses. There is no wrong door.

Knowledge- Illuminate Pathways

We equip individuals with comprehensive entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to provide the necessary tools, business acumen, and insights to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.

Belief – Amplify Success Stories

We actively foster a belief that anyone can create a business that creates positive change, builds wealth, and ultimately shapes communities for the better.

Contact Nada at
or Call 714-917-0440 to Register.
Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies.

An Amazing Successful Open House!

Our amazing successful open house and ribbon cutting event was more than just a celebration; it was a heartfelt expression of gratitude and a testament to what can be achieved through dedication and collaboration. The memories we made will forever remind us of the journey leading up to this moment and inspire us to reach for even greater heights.

Thank you for sharing in our joy, and we look forward to many more milestones together!

Sandra Gets Her Green Card After 6 Years!

Jumping with joy, Sandra Hernandez celebrates the moment her green card finally arrives in the mail. Her story has been 6 years in the making, beginning in 2016 when she and her husband filed their I-130 Petition with a different organization who in the end, made a small but crucial oversight which resulted in Sandra’s petition being denied.

Fortunately, Sandra was redirected to AccessCal by word of mouth and connected with our amazing Rania, a U.S. Department of Justice Accredited Representative who is a cornerstone of our Immigration Department.

From this point forward, Rania was with Sandra every step of the way during the challenging process of securing one’s green card. Rania even offered hope to Sandra’s husband who was finding it difficult to secure a reliable person to sponsor his wife’s green card application. After taking a look at the numbers, Rania found that Sandra’s husband only had a small financial gap to cover in order to sponsor his wife himself.

Finally, in 2020, the highly anticipated moment came when Sandra opened her mail. After 6 years of fighting for her citizenship, to her delight, she found her green card awaiting, along with a future of security and ease for Sandra and her family.

We are so happy for Sandra’s family and excited for the bright future ahead of them.

Back to School Backpacks

Children and parents excitedly receive brand-new school supplies in preparation for the new year!
Over 50 families joined us today as we distributed new backpacks and school supplies to help the kiddos off to a great new school year.
Our dedicated staff and volunteers ran the event like a well-oiled machine.

A big shout-out to Nora Tarabein for being a star volunteer. She helped in organizing all the backpacks and distributing them with fun energy! And a big thank you to
Community Action Partnership of Orange County who donated the school supplies.
We hope to help even more families in the future!

Our New Transportation Services

Transportation is available for non-emergency appointments and activities.
To book a ride, please contact us between 8am-3pm Monday to Friday at or by phone at 714-917-0440
*Rides are at no-cost

World Refugee Day

We are happy to celebrate World Refugee Day to cheer on the accomplishments that refugees have weaved into the tapestry of Orange County. 🥳
We are proud to have resilient neighbors who have gone to great lengths to protect their families and successfully rebuild their homes here in America. 

World Refugee Day is an international day organized every year on 20 June by the United Nations. It is designed to celebrate and honor refugees from around the world. The day was first established on 20 June 2001, in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.

Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Workshops

Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Workshops

Learn how to prepare for a disaster through our comprehensive workshops.

Training Topics:

– Learn how to prepare your family and home for disasters and evacuations

– Learn how to create an emergency preparation plan

– Learn how to build an emergency kit

Emergency Preparedness Starts With You!

To learn more & book a workshop contact:

Mercy Osir 714-917-0440 |


Our Wish List Event

We are thrilled to share that AccessCal recently partnered with the amazing Samar Abdelfattah and her family to host our annual Eid Wish List event. With her incredible generosity and dedication to our community, Samar was able to bring smiles to hundreds of children in need.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of our community donors for their generous toy donations especially Mart Basel, which helped make this year’s event a tremendous success. Thanks to your kindness, children throughout our community were able to enjoy a wonderful Eid celebration.

Tax Filing Services

Tax season is here! Get your tax return started for FREE!


300 W Carl Karcher Way
Anaheim, CA 92801
T: (714) 917-0440

Count MENA IN for Civil Rights!

Count MENA IN for Civil Rights!
The National Network for Arab American Communities needs you to take action NOW!

Join us in pushing the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to add a Middle Eastern and North African category (MENA). For years, NNAAC and its allies have been advocating for the OMB to include Middle East and North African as a racial and ethnic category in its data collection standards.

AccessCal Gala 2023

Thank you to all our supporters and attendees who helped make our 2023 Gala and AccessCal’s 25th anniversary an amazing night.

This year’s gala was truly memorable. It was such a joy to reunite again and celebrate 25 years of AccessCal.

Thank you to our dear guests, including the public officials, sponsors, donors, and community leaders who made the time to be with us. Your presence, your donations, your volunteerism, and your passionate spirit demonstrated that the work of AccessCal is instrumental for the individuals and families we serve every single day…

A Successful Turkey Give-a-way

We are excited to share with you photos from our successful turkey distribution in preparation for the holiday season! A special thank you to our partner – Islamic Relief USA – for awarding AccessCal the opportunity to provide turkeys to families in need. Gobble Gobble!
Thank You- Islamic Relief USA

Congratulations to our amazing client on receiving her citizenship!

Congratulations to our amazing client on receiving her citizenship!
Here Is Her Testimonial…

“I want to say thank you to Access Cal for helping me become a U.S. citizen. They helped me with the application, with classes, and with a mock interview. The online classes are organized and I like that the teacher waits for students to log in to start the class. The teacher is very patient with us. I was able to join all classes but when I missed one, I was able to make up class the next day. I was given two mock interviews one a week before and the other one a day before my interview, which helped me go to my interview with confidence. They helped me be ready for my interview.”

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