Meet Anya

Meet Anya

With your support, Access California Services (AccessCal) had the honor to serve Anya, a Ukrainian refugee who was referred to AccessCal by the County. Anya sorrowfully explained her situation.


“I never thought we had to leave our home but it was no longer safe for us to stay in Ukraine.”


Anya shared her arduous journey and the painful experience of having to leave her husband behind back home in Ukraine. Our case manager, Lamia, sat one-on-one with Anya to listen to her story and assess her needs. Our senior case manager, Bida, filed a Medi-Cal application for Anya under the recent Medi-Cal expansion which now provides full-scope coverage for individuals 50 years old and older regardless of immigration status. She also enrolled Anya in the Cal Fresh program to receive food stamps. In the meantime, AccessCal provided Anya with food vouchers and transportation through Uber to a local grocery market. As Anya did not have a phone, Lamia helped her with getting a free phone through the Obama Phone program. To assist with immigration, our accredited representative from the Department of Justice, Rania, filed a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) application for Anya, and soon we will be congratulating her on receiving a work permit. Anya warmly expressed her gratitude to AccessCal.


“I’m so thankful for the help and compassion I received. The overwhelming uncertainty I was feeling was relieved after coming here.”


Sadly, Anya is just one of the hundreds of refugee cases received by AccessCal. As the crisis in Ukraine continues to worsen, more families will be forced to flee their homes. With your support, AccessCal will be able to continuously assist incoming refugees from Ukraine and all around the world.

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