AccessCal Launches the “Quilt of Support” Campaign

The AccessCal Quilt of Support


















AccessCal has launched the “Quilt of Support” campaign! This campaign highlights various individuals from the community, one of whom will share daily reasons why AccessCal is unique in his or her eyes and why AccessCal should be supported. Our goal is to raise $15,000 in 30 days. Follow our community member quotes here or on Facebook,  and please remember to support AccessCal at

Quilt of Support Day 1

“I’m a normal person in need of understanding the system here in the US. I’m so happy there is a way for me to learn English from those who understand my identity. AccessCal is one of a kind,” says Amal, a newcomer from Egypt”

1. Amal

Quilt of Support Day 2

“AccessCal has a strong vision for how the organization can help refugees in Orange County. There’s no ambiguity in its aims, and having such precision in goals allows a meaningful and massive impact upon the community,” says Reza, Event Coordinator for World Refugee Day and community member.

2. Reza

Quilt of Support Day 3

Meet Kerolos! What a smart and well-behaved young boy from Egypt. At AccessCal Kerolos told us, “I love everyone here. You are all nice to me and always give me toys when I come with my mom.” Kerolos is part of our quilt of support; you can be too!

3 Kerolos

Quilt of Support Day 4

Sh. Suhail Mulla, AccessCal’s Interim Executive Director said, “We know it’s difficult for one generous person to reach thousands, but that’s why AccessCal is here. We’re here to be the link that strengthens the chain of good that reaches and provides for underserved and isolated individuals and families.”

3. Sh Suhail

Quilt of Support Day 5

When asked how AccessCal is unique in their eyes, President Dr. Miguel Gallardo and Executive Director Sylvia Kim, J.D. of the Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies (MECCA) believe there is a growing need among our diverse communities for culturally competent services. AccessCal provides services that are culturally congruent with the value systems of the communities it serves thus facilitating trust and healing among its community members — many of whom are new immigrants to America. For such populations, it is common to be inadequately served or inappropriately misdiagnosed. Through organizations like AccessCal and MECCA, there is an increased sense of hope that our diverse communities will be reached, served, and empowered.

3. Dr. Gallardo and Kim

Quilt of Support Day 6

“As an AmeriCorps member with AccessCal, I am proud of the experiences I’ve gained and the communities I’ve served. Through ongoing resource and personal development and networking, we’ve helped many get hired and empowered,” says AccessCal’s Sarah who truly enjoys helping people achieve their potential.

11. Sarah

Quilt of Support Day 7

“I am Saleem from Iraq. I enjoy coming to Access California Services every day because I stay occupied and find peace and education here.”

10. Saleem










Quilt of Support Day 8

Meet Samia, one of the sweetest AccessCal community members ever! She is from Afghanistan. Since moving to the US and attending classes at AccessCal, Samia has never missed an English class! She says, “Back home, I was a math teacher. My dream is to teach here one day.”

8. Samia













Quilt of Support Day 9

“I am an ambitious person yearning for stability and growth in my career. I was a diesel mechanic back home, and I hope that by improving my vocational English at AccessCal, I can practice my profession here and have my own business one day,” said Ehab, a newcomer from Egypt.

6. Ehab











Quilt of Support Day 10

“I am from Cuba, and I am very new to the USA. I come to AccessCal because it is a great place for me to learn.”

7. Lisary










Quilt of Support Day 11

“At AccessCal, I ensure refugees receive the necessary health check ups and care. I want to make them feel like they are at home because they have no one else here for them.” – Marzia, Refugee Health Program Case Manager.

14. Marzia










Quilt of Support Day 13

“I have experienced much care throughout my journey at AccessCal. I was part of all the childcare and parenting classes and became confident in my knowledge. Access California Services links our community to a lot of good resources and empowers many people through its lovely programs.”

13. Amani










Quilt of Support Day 14

“We, at AccessCal recognize the courage, strength, skills and success of immigrants and refugees who are critical in helping build a stronger and more vibrant nation. Through the provision of comprehensive health and human services, our staff strengthens and supports our immigrant and refugee families so that they may continue to enrich our society. Please join us in supporting their successful resettlement.”

5. Ameera










Quilt of Support Day 15

We interviewed Tarik before he left AccessCal to attend Harvard University last month and here is what he said: “AccessCal has helped shape and build me into the man I am today. I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided me, both professionally and personally, to serve my community. This is a premier organization in the State of California and a leading example of service-oriented institutions dedicated to empowering the community members that enter its doors. It is an absolute blessing and honor to part of the AccessCal family.”

16. Tarik










Quilt of Support Day 16

” I am a very independent and positive person. In Syria, I used to teach music and loved it. I appreciate good communication. Learning English at AccessCal will help me become a better English communicator I hope!” – Hamsa, community member.

4. Hamsa











Quilt of Support Day 17

Meet Maya (Left) and Thuka, the lovely faces of AccessCal at the front desk! Maya said, “I’ve known AccessCal since 2009, and it is my utmost pleasure to work the front and interact with the community on a daily basis.” Thuka said, “We are one family here, and I love seeing families benefiting from our support network and genuine care.”

17. Maya and Thuka











Quilt of Support Day 18

“Whether they are staff members, volunteers, clients, or supporters, when they walk through the doors of AccessCal, they walk into my life. They inspire me; they reveal their triumphs and challenges; they join me in boarding the human services vessel; and they give me the opportunity to enrich lives.”

19. Nedda










Quilt of Support Day 19

“The dedication of the staff, interns, and volunteers at Access California Services is unsurpassed elsewhere. AccessCal would not be able to serve the community in such capacity without the heart, soul, and commitment of this extraordinary group of people. It’s an honor to have been part of such an incredible team.”

18. Noelle











Quilt of Support Day 20 – FINAL DAY

“Without AccessCal, we would not be able to have an annual Eid Toy Wish giveaway event for the children of our community who need it most. Please support AccessCal and this beautiful annual event.” – Samar, AccessCal Supporter

20. Samar


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