“The best charity is that given in the month of Ramadan.” – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Meet Samuel

With your support, Access California Services (AccessCal) had the honor to serve Samuel. Samuel came to AccessCal in tears seeking urgent help.

“I have no money. I don’t have anything. I have been homeless for three months.”

Our case manager, Elizabeth, took the time to listen to Samuel’s story and carefully assessed his needs. Beginning with housing, Elizabeth found Samuel a long-term opportunity in an available room. She contacted the roommate and advocated for Samuel explaining his situation, and the roommate kindly accepted. To ensure he had secure shelter, AccessCal paid for his first month’s rent. Next, Samuel was enrolled in the CalFresh program to receive food stamps. In the meantime, AccessCal provided Samuel with food vouchers to ensure he had access to nutritional meals. As Samuel continued to visit AccessCal, he arrived one day to ask for a prayer. He explained to Elizabeth that he had an interview the next day at a place he used to work at in the past. Samuel expressed that he was feeling down and worried about getting the job. To raise his spirits, Elizabeth consulted both an employment case manager to fortify his resume, and our onsite therapist to share powerful words of encouragement. The next day, AccessCal received the wonderful news that Samuel got the job and the entire staff celebrated his accomplishment. Moved with emotion, Samuel expressed his gratitude in tears. In his own words, he said:


“I am very grateful and thankful for what this organization has done for me. People here treated me with compassion, like a human being with respect. They actually reached out to me to help me. Sometimes God often sends help

by way of human hands.”


Sadly, Samuel’s case is not an isolated case received by AccessCal. As homelessness continues to be an ongoing crisis, more people are being affected. With your support, AccessCal will be able to continue to provide long-term solutions and empower individuals struggling to stay afloat amid difficult times.

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