Want to Start Your Own Small Business?

Want to Start Your Own Small Business?

NorthSTAR Orange County An Entrepreneurship Collaborative.
Join our entrepreneurship micro-presentations.

Access – Eliminate Barriers

We eliminate barriers by providing equal access to resources, networks, and opportunities. We ensure that aspiring entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, genders, and socioeconomic statuses have a level playing field to launch and scale their businesses. There is no wrong door.

Knowledge- Illuminate Pathways

We equip individuals with comprehensive entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to provide the necessary tools, business acumen, and insights to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.

Belief – Amplify Success Stories

We actively foster a belief that anyone can create a business that creates positive change, builds wealth, and ultimately shapes communities for the better.

Contact Nada at Nada@accesscal.org
or Call 714-917-0440 to Register.
Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies.

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