Why should I seek counseling?

Simply because you are looking for a good listener, a nonjudgmental environment, a safe place to share your pain, and to hear a professional’s perspective.

Why should I seek counseling at Access California Services?

Since AccessCal is a community based model, we have qualified Pre-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists working under a licensed supervisor. Our MFTs will help you reach your goals taking into consideration your cultural and spiritual background. AccessCal counselors are Domestic Violence and Suicide Intervention certified.

We provide counseling in English, Arabic and Farsi.

What type of counseling services do we offer?

  • • Individual, couples, pre-marital, family, as well as children counseling
  • • Crisis Intervention
  • • We frequently see individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD, adjustment issues,  suicidal ideation, grief counseling and other life stressors.
  • • Court mandated counseling classes such as: Anger Management, Parenting, Domestic Violence,  and Batterers Intervention, and Child Abuser Programs.

How does counseling work?

Being comfortable with your counselor is the first step for effective counseling. In the first session, you will express your concerns and get to know your counselor and you will have the full right to ask any questions regarding expertise and the methods that will be used during the sessions.

Therapy is not a quick fix for your problem, rather it is a process. With some effort on your part and a strong relationship with your therapist, you will develop a successful tools and coping mechanisms toward resolving problems and working towards healings.

Will the counseling be confidential?

AccessCal therapists will not and cannot disclose any personal information without your consent. However, there are a few exceptions: if the counselor thinks that you may harm yourself or someone else, if the counselor suspects any child or elder abuse or if a court subpoenas the counselor’s records and testimony.

What are your charges for counseling?

Our charges are extremely reasonable. We use a sliding scale based on your monthly household income and the number of individuals that live in the same household. Fee waivers are available for those that absolutely cannot afford our counseling fees.

How long will the therapy take?

The length of therapy depends on the goals that you set with your counselor. Short term therapy usually takes 6-12 sessions, while more extensive therapy can take six months or longer. Typically, counseling is scheduled on a once-a-week basis.

How do I get started?

Call for an appointment today, and our counseling staff will schedule you with a counselor that meets your needs. (714) 917 0440.