Education Classes

AccessCal offers the community a multitude of opportunities to learn and integrate.

We hosts the following free education classes that support New Americans with linguistic, economic, health, civic, and community integration:

Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) Classes

In collaboration with North Orange County Community College District, our program offers instruction and encouragement for students to speak, read and write English.

Behavioral Health Paraprofessional Classes

Our instructors train adults on the basics of mental illness, the concept of rehabilitation and recovery, and ways to create positive relationships with mentally ill individuals.  Students graduate from the course with a certificate and the tools needed to educate their community about mental illness.

Family Child Care Home Licensing Course

Our instructors train adults on how to start their own home-based childcare businesses.  Students learn behavior management, basic financial skills, home-based childcare business management, nutrition standards, and best practices in safety.

Parenting Classes

Parents are taught about the stages of development, stress and anger management, healthy approaches to disciplinary actions, child abuse, and domestic violence prevention.  This class is taught in the Arabic and English languages.

Group Therapy for Refugees Classes

Our instructors demonstrate an understanding of refugee and immigrant needs, explaining the barriers that inhibit the immigrant/refugee acculturation process and developing self-help groups to assist in adjusting to the new culture and lifestyle in the United States of America.

Citizenship Classes

Our instructors provide civics instruction to individuals preparing for citizenship.

Computer Training Classes

Students are provided with an introduction to computers and the internet.   Students learn about basic file operations, computer security and privacy, internet and e-mail, and typing.

Multi-Ethnic Art Expression Classes

Our instructor creates a safe place for participants to express their feelings through drawing, art, journaling, calligraphy and poetry.

Jewelry Beading Class

This class offers local community members the opportunity to learn the art of making beaded jewelry to be able to operate their own jewelry business from home.