Health Coverage Access

We help uninsured individuals and families enroll in government healthcare coverage programs and navigate the complex healthcare system.

Our team comprises of bi-cultural and bi-lingual Certified Applicant Assistants (CAA), who are certified to provide outreach, education and enrollment in Covered California (ObamaCare), the health insurance marketplace that offers affordable options to qualified consumers.

Our CAA’s can also help you enroll in the following programs based on eligibility:

• Medi-Cal
• Covered California
• Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

Our health education workshops help members of the community learn how to maintain healthier lifestyles. Offered in both English and Arabic, workshops cover various topics ranging from:

• Diabetes management
• Behavioral mental health
• Parenting and child health
• Nutrition
• Smoking cessation
• General health and wellness
• Healthcare system navigation