Health Coverage Access

Access California Services (AccessCal) helps members of our community obtain Medi-Cal health coverage.

Medi-Cal is a public health insurance program serving Californians who have limited income. It is free health coverage for those who qualify, including people with disabilities.

Access California Services (AccessCal) is an officially certified Media-Cal & Covered California (ObamaCare) education and enrollment partner.

AccessCal raises awareness among community members of the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act and promotes an understanding of the eligibility requirements to get covered. AccessCal can help you enroll in a suitable Covered California or Medi-Cal plan.

We help uninsured individuals and families enroll in government healthcare coverage programs and navigate the complex healthcare system.

Our team comprises of bi-cultural and bi-lingual Certified Applicant Assistants (CAA), who are certified to provide outreach, education and enrollment in Covered California (ObamaCare), the health insurance marketplace that offers affordable options to qualified consumers.

Our CAA’s can also help you enroll in the following programs based on eligibility:

• Medi-Cal
• Covered California
• CalFresh
• Gift of Sight
• In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)
• Disability & Social Security Income (SSI)