Refugee Health Assessment Program

AccessCal provides comprehensive, mandatory health assessments to entrants who reside in Orange County.

Health assessments ensure that entrant health is examined and that entrants receive referrals and linkages to any needed healthcare services. Assessments also help eliminate health-related barriers to successful resettlement while protecting the health of the populations living in the United States. Entrants include refugees, asylees, secondary migrants, special immigrant visa holders, Cuban and Haitian entrants, and federally-certified victims of trafficking.

Mental health assessments are provided by the Mental Health Counseling department at the AccessCal facility.

Refugees and others seeking social and economic resources may take advantage of additional services AccessCal provides. These include case management, citizenship and immigration services, employment services, emergency financial assistance, Vocational English-as-a-Second Language (VESL) courses and other educational services.  AccessCal’s programs and services help new arrivals integrate, build knowledge and skills, and learn new social norms and systems that enable them to contribute and become an active citizen in this nation.

We recognize the continued hard work and dedication demonstrated by Orange County and Access California Services. The program’s success along with illustrative vignettes is a testament to the positive impact Orange County RHAP continues to have on the local refugee population.  – California Department of Public Health, Office of Refugee Health

For more information about the Refugee Health Assessment Program at AccessCal, please call us at 714.917.0440.